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Jeff 150 ultimate truck


18ft $20,000
$1000 for tires 35x12.50r22
$1000 for rims 22"
$2500 windows would like level 6 resistance but this is level 3 - http://carefordescientific.com/lexgard-sp1250-2xrj6-2xrj6-clear-sheet-stock-bullet-resistant-level-3-polycarbonate-each/ - http://www.tssbulletproof.com/bullet-proof-security-products/bullet-resistant-barriers/bullet-proof-protection-levels/
$2500 body
$1000 seats
air suspension raise 10" to make 25" ground clearance max
rails to slide on under vehicle for really big things like fallen trees
7ft wide before mirrors
gas diesel alcohol turbine generator
snorkel breather for turbine and fresh air
emp shielded
0-60 3 seconds
60-0 < 100ft
0-100 6 seconds
tow rating > 25,000 lbs
top speed > 200
regenerative brakes
air brakes
maybe central tire inflation system
pressurized water tank for shower - normal shower 2.5 GPM so with a 30gallon tank thats 12 minutes of shower - renegerator kicks in to fill up if battery high
built in air compressor
led light bar
doors dont go to roof cutting wind noise
titanium reinforced a pillar small and strong maybe whole cab
windows have built in tint, ir blocking, and uv blocking
every led is rgb individually controllable
2" 4 pad e brakes
4 touch screens for passengers maybe dell touch screen https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Performance-Touchscreen-Processor-Bluetooth/dp/B018YHUDR0/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1470231433&sr=8-7&keywords=1080p+touch+screen
? <50db internal noise at 85mph http://www.auto-decibel-db.com/
in seat air conditioning and heating, also speakers with transducers
maybe virtual locking rear dif
full size spare
30,000 lb towing capacity
> 80% recycable and no material that burns
1000ft lbs torque per wheel
automatic collision avoidance
7% grade is max allowed in usa the suspension levels up to 8%
suede faux
360 overhead view
warning when close to objects
no towing mode no racing mode its all things all the time
no gear changes to feel
dash shows vehicle position and road grade and tilt
deep freeze < -100 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIja2Cvh2Hs
100% built in america
takes gas, diesel, bio diesel, ethenal, alchol, crude oil?
gets water from air
emergency heat for > 3 days
instant cigerete lighter/fire starter
drift mode just for fun
underside illumination
cameras have automatic washers
wireless remote trailer camera
panoramic sunroof
500w ac inverter
internal refrigerator
internal microwave?
internal freezer
steering wheel vibration
some kind of keypad entry
sms/internet alarm system
1 piece chasis
hand e brake
< 2000 parts
trailer sway control, cameras, brakeing, tpms, even potential 360 camera - ethernet connection
lots of lockable compartments for security and warrent searches
jet turbo fan engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjiUUJdPGX0
light up sterring wheel when dome light is on again as always rgb
lots of carbon fiber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=504I_hJDFck carbon fiber prepreg
wheels stick out a little further than the body to give a wide base and keep the weight centered
< 6000lbs curb weight
all electronics extremely radiation hardened


on side impact a lever is pushed in pushing the seat up and in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePUzoVfjnqM

presafe sound

Cars that recognize traffic light changes and count down until the next green light.

built in vacuum

top down view

self opening and closing doors

electronic brake hold - when in drive and stopped the wheel motors keep the car from moving until gas is pressed

button to lower all windows and open sunroof at once - programmable to do sunroof or not

self inflaiting/deflaiting tires

pothole mitigation

motorized sidesteps

left side foot rest in foot well

swivel seats?

active contour seats tilt just a little to counter gs

seatbelt tightens and seat cradles you when impact immenent to help prevent whiplash


wing windows maybe?

engine shuts down when airbags deployed

headlights if left in on position when car is off starts a countdown and the user can select a time interval but a default is used if ignored no beeping or anything on exit just exit

instaclear windshield - using ir or something cheaper than running wires in the windshield

self leveling suspension

Magic Sky moon roof

magic vision control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07AZHkkLR0k

windows have sunshades

privacy mode blackouts all windows

auto tightening seat belt

doors can open straight out with a notch to push back in serving as added protection to law enforcement

mirror spotlights like raptor

offroad status

cameras on each wheel ideal for rockclimbing

backseet tray tables and screens

quad zone climate control

rear seats fold flat to bed?

bee mode - lowers windows and blasts vents at extreme

built in jacks

tires have sand lips?

3M Crystalline


big break over angle

red seat belts

double wishbone suspension

vulcanized rubber


chilled/warmed cupholders


suspension  raises and lowers
lowers when parked - makes it easier to get in/out of and harder to tow or tamper with
raises when traveling at lower speeds - dampens bumps gives higher ride height
lowers at faster speeds - keeps center of gravity down and reduces air drag
jumps on side impact to try to get other car underneath where theres less collision


all wheel steering
reduces turning radius


class 4


pass through


military grade fuel

20" suspension travel

v bottom

level off on slope


speakers are all digitally controlled
lowpass highpass
seats detect where passengers are and move the stage accordingly


windows half inch thick
outer layer in
3m Anti Graffiti / Surface Protection
transparent aluminium
uv tint
ir tint
visible light tint
3m s800 layer
transparent aluminium
3m Anti Graffiti / Surface Protection


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