We have the technology

Centrexity Automated Mower


Electric motors - Less Noise can be powered 100% by renewable energy

Precision Lawn Striping - Put patterns and even logos in your lawn

Vacuum Effect - Picks up old thatch and shreds it even more reducing decompisition time making for a healthy lawn

Built in Weed Eater - Automatically trim around trees fences buildings also edges around sidewalks and drive ways

Safer than typical mowers - With computer vision the mower shuts off when a person or animal comes within 12ft reducing risks

Built in Water Jet - Can aeroate lawn with holes every 6 inches also ant hills can be blasted into oblivion without any harsh chemicals

Magnetic Sweeper - Picks up nails and other metal debries that could cause flat tires or hurt feet

Long life batteries - Can run for a solid 20+ hours at a time eliminating downtime to recharge or refill gas mowers

Teaming - Larger acreges can use multiple mowers that team up to speed up the job and reduce man hour costs

Safety Stops - If ever an emergency happens safety buttons on the sides are hard wired to kill the power with a push of a button

Water Proof - A storm can roll up when you right in the middle of a job worry no more keep on mowing or stop them in place to pick up again later

High Pitch Slopes - Up to 60 degree slopes with a tie down so it can correct it self if it falls over also being water proof it can venture right down into lakes and retention ponds without worry of damage or getting stuck

Quick Change Blades - 3 minute tooless blade change keeps downtime minimized and when teaming the other mowers can continue going while one is being changed

Fertilizer/Seed Dispenser - Set exactly how much seed and fertilizer per square meter to be dispensed automatically while mowing or on its own

Small footprint - At 26" wide it can fit through most fence gates. A typical trailer can haul 4 at a time!

Comfortable Safe Controller - A designated controller can sit in a air conditioned van controlling and monitoring the mowers safely and comfortably

Built in Chalker - Chalk your field automatically and with precision!

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