We have the technology
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Remote PC

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';$html.='Use remote pc to connect to your pc from anywhere in the world for free!';$html.='

';$html.='Designed for uptime past the year 3000 servers dont have to worry about memory leaks or time rollovers
';$html.='Uses very little memory especially when not in use so it will not get in the way
';$html.='Automatic lan aware means if your in a lan it wont use wan bandwidth
';$html.='RSA Level encryption and built in man in the middle prevention using rolling codes and third party verification
';$html.='Upload Download Edit files remotely
';$html.='Monitor load and processes
';$html.='No open ports until connection asked for
';$html.='Native 32 and 64 bit
';$html.='Unlimited lossless resolution tested up to 4k
';$html.='Automatic scaling network bandwidth

';$html.='Ubuntu x86 .deb package Download

';$html.='Windows and OSX packages are being built please check back shortly!';/*if ($_SESSION['ID'] != ''){$html.= 'Computers Online...
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