We have the technology
The idea behind this is there is several light years between star ships a few ships have a line of sight to each other but no way to communicate from point a to b so they use each other as a mesh to work around planets and obsticals and ultimatly get the packet from point a to b.

The packets for this project are only 256 bytes meant for position data and status alerts like twitter for very long range. I say like twitter but its not really designed for "hey im eating food" its made more for "position-red alert-romulans attacking" "position-green-romulan ship destoryed heading for repairs"

Why such limitations? 256bytes of binary data from what we see is enough to handle enough meaningful data of course it takes smart implementation to use each and every bit. The reason for 256 is it can easily be handled with only chars and can even work on a 8bit system and not eat up too much space in buffers.

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