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Decentralized DNS

The web has reached a point along time ago where it should not be shut down with a flip of a switch or bullied by the government agencies or bigger businesses.

The goal is to create a secure p2p/decentralized dns service that users and isps can easily implement that is 100% non biased and secure to its users.

Completely Anonymous
Just like everything has legal and illegal users
Built in geo zoning
Signed records avoid poisoning
Only ipv6 no ipv4 its time to move forward
Encrypted and plain methods you decide (the average user would use plain for speed and lower cpu resources) - Does not prevent recording of lookups but prevents man in the middle peering
Stateful UDP connections
Drop in replacement configureless completely automatic users and isps can use
Automatically uses fastest dns servers
You could potentially get a dns server closer than you currently have when services join forces you win
Works hand in hand with TOR
Also automatically works as local dns cache just run and speed up your dns requests

Goal 1: Security
A strict set of trust, rules, and regulations must be in place to secure the domains and prevent a set of servers from poisoning there downline

Goal 2: Scalability
We have to assume every domain will use all the available resources and must be reachable and cacheable

Goal 3: Deployment
initial deployment will be domains will be given for free to the owners of the .com version
everything else will be handed free to the first person with a unique email that asks
after initial deployment domains fall under the typical rules that make them continuosly change
to help deployment we will set up over 100 servers around the world

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