We have the technology


100% accurate indexing
if we dont have it in our index we will find it
fast and easy
live tv via tuner cards (windows, linux)
DVD, VCD, Bluray, HDDVD Playbackstreaming tv
streaming radio
streaming torrents
custom buffer size
custom in memory size
javascript based plugins
donate spare processing power
share media and tv anywhere
integration into cloud storage to backup your videos and play anywhere without keeping your computer on and store more than you normally could
ability to handle millions of files
low memory usage
live search files
out of process video player to avoid crashes
av syncronization for multiple room setups
control using phone/tablet as remote over wifi/3g/4g
simple plugins written in javascript
child friendly content blocking

Lack of alternatives
Boxee has the best idea but the desktop versions are very buggy and they quit making them
Plesk has a great interface but the client server design is not deisiered and lacks a good linux client
Myth TV has everything but who wants to spend the time and effort learning and setting everything up
Windows media center smoothest out of them all but obviously only works under windows

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