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Cloud Storage!

Access transparency is that clients are unaware that files are distributed and can access them in the same way as local files are accessed.
Location transparency A consistent name space exists encompassing local as well as remote files. The name of a file does not give its location.
Concurrency transparency All clients have the same view of the state of the file system. This means that if one process is modifying a file, any other processes on the same system or remote systems that are accessing the files will see the modifications in a coherent manner.
Failure transparency The client and client programs should operate correctly after a server failure.
Heterogeneity File service should be provided across different hardware and operating system platforms.
Scalability The file system should work well in small environments (1 machine, a dozen machines) and also scale gracefully to huge ones (hundreds through tens of thousands of systems).
Replication transparency To support scalability, we may wish to replicate files across multiple servers. Clients should be unaware of this.
Migration transparency Files should be able to move around without the client\'s knowledge.

$5 per month
5 TeraBytes included
$1 per additional TeraByte
Webdav and ftp
One click send files via email link
$0.03USD per GigaByte flat network and storage
$0.03USD per million api requests

webdav and ftp
Low latency requests

Sample Billing Data
Storage 10TB: $300
Network 100TB: $3000
Total: $3300

All storage options are...
RSA encrypted
Embeded ECC
Verified Integrity
Stored in atleast 3 places
Automatic failover

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